LCD 34 Inch UHD 165HZ Commercial Monitor

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YARTAI LCD Commercial monitors commonly use A+ LCD screens, and the screen types are TN screens, VA screens, and IPS screens. TN screen has fast response time and good color, making it the first choice for gaming monitors. The VA screen can be curved and has a viewing angle of 178/178. IPS screens have strong color reproduction capabilities. There are many types, such as commercial monitors, gaming monitors, LCD TV monitors, and touch monitor all-in-one monitors, all of which have their own advantages.

TE346Q LCD 34 Inch UHD 165HZ Commercial Monitor is a 34-inch blister shell monitor, its appearance can also be customized, the mold is cheap, the transportation is convenient, and the appearance is beautiful.

Advantages of LCD 34 Inch UHD 165HZ Commercial Monitor

High definition, wide viewing angle, high brightness, vivid colors;

The surface of LCD 34 Inch UHD 165HZ Monitor is dustproof, waterproof, scratch-proof, easy to maintain;

Flexible installation;

Multi-system support;

Professional customization

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