Stainless Steel Glass Door Patch Fitting

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stainless steel glass door patch fitting

Zongyi is China manufacturers and suppliers who mainly produces stainless steel glass door patch fitting with many years of experience. Hope to build business relationship with you.

Zongyi with its focus set on technical perfection is one of the leading suppliers of stainless steel glass door patch fitting in China. We are setting trends for these kind of fittings and our customers all around the world in development and production. With our almost 7 years of experience, new smart ideas and the continuous further development of our products we lay the foundation for your ideas. With Zongyi products groups we offer flexible solutions for all of your needs. For individual customer requests we create individual solutions.

1.Product Introduction

The classy stainless steel glass door patch fitting is for doors, sidelites, and transoms, offering designers and architects a complete selection of products for most frameless glass configurations.

With a maximum door weight of 100kgs, our glass patch fitting is designed to meet the industry standard and deliver the ultimate in strength and reliability.

The glass door patch is used with monolithic or laminated glass Synthetic gasketing provides ultimate durability.

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